Week 4 – Anna Bromley & Philip Corner

by Bill on Dezember 6, 2010

Photos & Credits after the jump

This week featured

signage by Anna Bromley – her
“The Joy of Belonging” (2010)

Philip Corner’s
„Mega Phone“ (2010)
with material from „Wordless: Chorale“ (2003)

performed by Ensemble Zwischentöne members
Hans-Ulrich Altenkirch, Agnieszka Dziubak, & Kurt König

& Megaphonists
Sylvia Hinz, Luke Munn, Thomas Ulrich, & Steffi Weismann

Week 4 - Bromley Detail

Detail from Anna Bromley's "The Joy of Belonging"

Week 4 - Rehearsal

Rehearsal at 7hours Haus 19

Week 4 - Crowd

Merging with the Crowd

Week 4 - Corner

Facing Unter den Linden

Week 4 - Line

Row formation

Week 4

In motion

Week 4

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Photos by Bill Dietz
Video by Sebastian Biskup